Tuberculosis prevention by air purifier

TB is a highly infectious disease that requires removal of contaminants from the air to prevent airborne transmission of the disease. Mate real time medical air purifier removes such contaminants from the air and when you breathe it is free bacteria.

There is one form of TB active infection than other. In mycobacterium tubercle bacteria/Type M (mycobacterium) tuberculosis, only an individual with active TB of the lungs or airways can spread the disease by coughing and sneezing. The good air quality will drastically reduce the chance of affecting active infection.

Most office settings and work sites do not involve the sustained close contact needed to spread the infection. Many of the current cases of TB (Type M tuberculosis) are found in those workplaces that bring people into close contact with others who have active TB Type M tuberculosis, such as health care (healthcare) facilities, correctional institutions. Such places should have Medical Air Purification system.

Some people with immune deficiency may be at a higher risk of contracting TB (tuberculosis). If they already have latent TB infection or are exposed to a new TB infection. The risk of developing active TB in an individual who has latent TB infection but has an intact immune system is very low and it can be made even lower with the right air purifier.

The TB Hospital and Clinics, Medical Facilities and Medicine Distribution Stores in India are highly recommended to use air purifier to prevent spread of TB.

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