The Most Common Types Of Allergies, Air purifiers with filters is the solution indoor

The Most Common Types Of Allergies? Air purifiers with filters is the solution indoor.

The Most Common Types Of Allergies, Air purifiers with filters is the solution indoorThere are variety of elements in the environment from which people are  can be allergic. The most common of these allergens are pollen, dust mites, dust, animal dander, and mold.

These common allergy triggers can be avoided and removed indoor with the use of Air Purifying portable devices. These are the plug and play devices can be mounted on wall or on table top to clean the indoor room environment from these allergy triggers.

Following are some common allergy triggers which are easily removed from these air purifiers as per they are attached with several types of air filters. These filters are removing different types of these triggers like Pre filter is used for removal of dust and smoke. HEPA filter for VOCs, molds and microbes. Activated Carbon filters for removal of the odours created due to these molds and animal pat dander. UV also for destroying of Bacteria and dust mites which are very harmful for health in case of lungs.

Below are the details of some allergy triggers causing asthma and lung infections:

Pollen: The Airborne Pollen allergen fine yellow powder of flowers which is taken and moved by the wind, and other means like birds, insects & by other animals.

These pollens are produced by trees, grasses, and weeds, This is a type of pollutants for year round and is more aggravating when it makes its way into their homes. several people suffer from allergies of pollen.

Dust Mites : These are bed mites  is a pyroglyphid that lives in human habitation and their mattresses. These are microscopic arachnids and are  one of the main allergy crooks for people with allergic asthma. these dust mites are generally found in pillows, carpet, mattresses, and upholstered furniture and they feed on dead skin and pet dander.

Dust: This allergen in our homes such as clothing fibers, dirt, bacteria, pet hair or dander, shed skin cells, and other material that accumulates from everyday living. Dust is nearly impossible to eliminate entirely.

Pet Dander: it is the dead skin cells from animals. Cats are creating serious allergies due to their enzyme. Cats produce saliva-tainted hair and dander and thus carry a double allergen-trigger threat.

Molds: molds are a variety of fungi that grow in reproduce by creating spores. The mold grows in damp, warm, and humid conditions. Molds are producing very irritating products which create allergy-causing elements (allergens) in sensitive persons. also some of the these molds produce toxins and some are itself very dangerous mold itself is not dangerous or toxic.

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